The role of consumers in assuring food safety

Consumers are entitled to expect the food products they buy and consume will be safe and of high quality. They have the right to express their opinions on the food control procedures, standards and activities used by governments and industry to determine that food supplies have these characteristics. The producers and manufacturers must conform to consumer demands regarding quality and safety. Although these producers and manufacturers may have their definition of quality, consumers have their own understanding of quality [9].

Once the consumer has bought the food product, it is their role to ensure that they use or prepare it according to manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer is not culpable if the consumer decides to use a food product in a different manner other than the stipulated instructions by the manufacturer. In so doing, the five keys to food safety by the WHO [1] are key as discussed in an earlier article: The five keys to food safety

The 5 keys to safe food. Source
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